IMM Meets Flood-Affected Business Owners19 August 2019 Monday
Upon the instruction of Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Deputy Secretary General Mr. Murat Yazıcı and his team met with the business owners whose shops suffered flood-related damages in the Eminönü district after Saturday’s heavy rain.

Joint decisions were taken at the meeting that was held on Monday morning to prevent such disasters from occurring again.

One of the most affected areas was the underground bazaars in Eminönü.

During the meeting, Mr. Yazıcı thoroughly listened to the needs of the shopkeepers and business owners in order to enable them to restart their businesses and get their daily lives back to normal.

As a result of the heavy rain that started in the morning of August 17, an average rainfall of 124 kg per square meter was recorded in the district of Fatih.

Rescue teams were immediately dispatched by the IMM to flood-hit areas, with a total of 3,805 personnel, 1,846 vehicles and construction equipment belonging to the Fire Department, Water and Sewage Department (İSKİ), Road Maintenance Department, Environmental Protection Directorate, Parks and Gardens Directorate, IMM’s Traffic Directorate and the Municipal Police.

IMM Meets Flood-Affected Business Owners - News - Istanbul Fire DepartmentIMM Meets Flood-Affected Business Owners - News - Istanbul Fire Department