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The Fire Department Museum bears witness to the history of Turkish firefighting and rescue. The museum tells the visitors how the firefighters of the Istanbul city have struggled against fires for three centuries. It houses former water-pumping tools, steam-operated water-pumpers and horse-drawn water pumping tools. Also in the Fire Department Museum, you can find “Ottoman street firefighters” models and scene, military firefighters’ uniforms, fire axes, leather buckets, various paintings, and photographs about some fires in the city. It is located in the Beşiktaş District of the Istanbul City.

Istanbul Fire Department Museum presents a chronological history of fire fighting in Istanbul starting with the water pumpers (Tulumbacı in Turkish) of Ottoman times. All kinds of fire department equipments, from the first motorized fire engines to firemen’s clothing and tools, are displayed. The current building of the museum was opened in 1992, after collecting and repairing many objects within the main Fire Department's headquarters in Fatih district.

The Fire Department was an indispensable department of the Ottoman Empire from 18th century’s first quarter to the establishment of the Republic. The Fire Brigade Museum exhibits the adventure of fire fighting in Istanbul for four centuries.

Istanbul Fire Department Museum Collection contains, Davud-u Hakiki’s Pump with pergola from 1714, district pumps, steam pumps and car pumps from 1800’s and also mise en scene of distric pumps, firefighters uniforms of military period, candles, limelight, fireman's axes, fabric cistern, leather buckets, various paintings, photographs of some major fires events that occurred in Istanbul are being presented to visitors in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department Museum. Enterance is free.


The museum is available on weekdays for visiting.

It is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

You can enter the Fire Department Museum for free.

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