Here is the list of the courses given in the Training Centre of Istanbul Fire Department:

  1. Basic firefighting courses
  2. Istanbul Fire Department basic and development (in-service) courses
  3. Fire & safety courses for public and private organizations and institutions
  4. Fire & safety courses for fire departments and public & private organizations and institutions in other cities
  5. Courses for students of kindergartens, primary, secondary and high schools as well as for students of fire and safety department of universities.
  6. Fire & safety course for students of police schools.
  7. Courses for volunteer firefighters
  8. Fire & safety course for civil society organizations
  9. Fire & safety courses abroad


The lessons of the courses are as follows:

  1. Basic firefighting
  2. Advanced rescue
  3. Flood and water surface rescue
  4. Techniques of responding to fires
  5. Responses to landslides and collapses
  6. Responses to elevator accidents
  7. Determination of the cause of a fire
  8. Vehicle maintenance
  9. Hazardous materials
  10. First aid
  11. Chimney knowledge and response techniques
  12. Fire prevention code
  13. Official writing rules
  14. Call centre operating
  15. Incident command system
  16. Responding to train, subway and tramcar incidents
  17. Functional vehicle training
  18. Scene-photographing
  19. Occupational seminars
  20. Responding to traffic accidents
  21. Decontamination
  22. Triage